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Your visual brand reflects your business and tells a coherent and consistent story without saying a word. A lot of brand strategy goes into making the visuals effective. It shows how you are. So it is a nice way to influence the perception of the audience about you.

Visual Brand Identity

Visual Branding shows the world the type of person or business you are. It is your face. Your website, your logos, your packaging and writings all reflect your brand identity. For example, the color choices, text size, the designs, etc all give me a vision of your company and the products. These indicate what I should feel about your business. This is what makes the visual brand identity so important. You make me feel what I feel about you.

Building competitive visual brand identity could be an easy task if you understand your customers’ needs and are able to influence their perception of your business. The following tips will help you in building the visual brand identity:

Define your audience

Knowing your target audience is the first step towards the purpose. Be specific in terms of Age, Gender, Location, Income, Marital Status, Occupation, and Education Level. Your product should offer values to your target audience.

Brand Personality

The challenge now is how? You can portray sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication or even ruggedness in your brand visuals. The colors, text size, the tone of the words all contribute to the perception.

Hit the emotions

Hit upon the emotions of your target customers to move them into buying your products. Touching the pain points or bringing children to love the product are ways of playing with the emotions of the audience.

Consistency matters

Maintain consistency in terms of using the same filters, size, font types, etc across all the visual platforms used for the purposes of branding. It helps your customers in recognizing you easily even with their closed eyes.

Speak their language

Using the correct tone and language in the visuals across the different channels of social media platforms is necessary. The contents in Pinterest are more of advice, tips, and tricks; Facebook and Google + have conversation and stories. Twitter focuses comments and self-promotion. So speak the language where you post your visuals.

Logo care

Do not get confused with your logo. Keep it simple and associate it with the colors, fonts, and messages that your business should reflect.

Being Accessible

Your visual branding should show off your easy accessibility. Your audience should be able to connect with you. Being transparent, authentic and honest are ways how people identify and relate with you.

The takeaways

There is always a scope for redesigning and re-evaluating, but starting strong is the best way to build a strong visual brand identityPsychology Articles, so work carefully towards building a competitive brand identity.

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By Abhijit. Living in Mumbai and a teacher by profession. I am a fan of photography, technology, and education. I’m also interested in web development and reading.

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