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Video marketing adds life to your marketing campaigns. They transform static, traditional content into action-driven video that project your message in a powerful, dramatic way.

Videos give you the unique opportunity to communicate with your target audience in a way that puts you in touch with what is truly important to them, while increasing the value of your products, and even your brand.

You can use video marketing for a number of different ways, including sales pitches, tutorials, launch sequences on your website, or to simply develop brand awareness.

The more people see you or hear you, the faster they'll recognise your brand on the spot. Video can leave an everlasting impression, providing the perfect interactive vehicle for your marketing message and it can help with your websites page ranking in Google.

How can Video Marketing benefit your online business?
Firstly, video marketing in great for branding. Based on research from comScore, YouTube is the second largest search engine following Google, so it's the perfect place to showcase your brand.

Second, video marketing is good for site rankings. By optimizing and tailoring your video content on your website, you can take advantage of blended search (search results - created by many kinds of content, such as, video, images, audio and blogs) helping you get a first-page organic ranking on Google.

Getting started with Video Marketing.
You should start off by developing simple video presentations. As you become more familiar with how your viewers respond to your videos, you can then tailor them towards your target audience. Keep in mind that your videos don't have to be lengthy productions, even 3 minute videos can do wonders at generating fresh interest and exposure for your product or business.

The majority of new computers come bundled with video production software, but much is also available for free or at very low cost (see examples below). These programs will help to add functionality to your videos, while making it easy for you to integrate sound (audio narratives, music, etc), highlight important notes, and of course, they provide you with the added flexibility of editing video content. Also, many new smart phones and tablets have inbuilt video technology, so you can shoot and upload to your website in minutes.

Check out Windows Movie Maker (for PC) or iMovie (for Mac)

Your videos.
Once you have a few videos, it's time to distribute them. One of the most effective ways to do this is through the use of video community sites. Video community sites are media hot spots that are filled with new visitors every single day, allowing you to distribute your video to thousands of people for free.

The leader in video community sites is YouTube.com, that has over 800 million unique users each month. However, there are many other places where you can also focus on getting your video noticed including:
http://www.vimeo.com and http://www.video.search.yahoo.com

Keywords and Tags.
It's a great idea to include keywords and tags within your video marketing, so when distributed, it's easy for people to discover your content, based on these primary phrases and keywords associated to your video. Keywords not only help viewers find your video through on-site searches, but more importantly through search engines.

With the new 'blended search', search engines expand the content of a search results page beyond text links to many kinds of content, such as maps, video, images, audio, news and blogs. Embedding or linking your tagged video to your website, can dramatically increase your page ranking within search engines.

Taking Action.
Ultimately, you want to invoke a positive response from your viewers, but you also want them to take action after watching your video. One way of doing this is by including a direct link to your site at the end of the video, highlighting the benefits of visiting your website or using your products. Keep in mind that you still need to use a direct call to action, even in videos, so don't forget to spend time crafting your message.

Also, if you want your video to go viral, make sure that you add a 'Share' link to the end of your video. This share link can be via TwitterBusiness Management Articles, Facebook or Pinterest.

Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

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