Posters are a great way of advertising a specific item. Attractive posters are great for advertising things like a recently built website, an event, special offers, new products, a club night or even personal birthday wishes. Posters are also great for informing people of special occasions and promotions like, Valentines Day, Christmas sales and Discount Promotions.

When you need to tell people BIG news

Posters & Billboard

We’ve all seen posters and the information that they can convey if placed in the right place, right through from an informative A4 poster on a notice board to billboards in the street. These are all basically poster designs. The Logic Box Agency offer an attractive rate for poster designs, starting from $65 CAD per hour, which on average takes 3.5 hours to create. If you’re unsure how long it would take to create a specific poster project then please give us a call. We can print anything from a 12" x 18" flyer up to 5' x 96' foot long billboards.

Billboard Posters

See some samples of our attractive poster designs, please click here.

The Beauty Of a Poster Design

The good thing about getting a poster designed is, many home printers can print a A4 ( 8.3 x 11.7 in) or A3 (11.7 x 16.5 in). If you have one, some glossy paper in an IKEA frame will look outstanding, let us professionally design your poster for any occasion, we'll send you the artwork and you can print it as many times as you like, or for a cost we can send you the posters in bulk if you don’t have your own printer. If in doubt give us a call, we'll gladly offer you advice. Whether it's a large corporate marketing project, a happy birthday poster or a silly poster for someone’s stag or hen party, We can offer a professional design service to meet your needs. 

Poster Prices

Below are sample prices for our poster design services and print costs, but always, we can upscale artwork times or downscale times to work to required budgets. Please give us a call to get a more “in depth” price. 

Poster Finishes

Single Page Size

Design from

Printing of 500

Printing of 1000

100lb Silk Text - One Side (4/0)

Poster - 12"x18"

$150 CAD

$135 CAD

$245 CAD

100lb Gloss Text - One Side (4/0)

Poster - 13"x19"

$150 CAD

$325 CAD

$395 CAD

100lb Silk Text - One Side (4/0)

Poster - 18"x24"

$150 CAD

$505 CAD

$585 CAD

100lb Silk Text - One Side (4/0)

Poster - 19"x27"

$150 CAD

$525 CAD

$615 CAD

100lb Gloss Text - One Side (4/0)

Poster - 24"x36"

$150 CAD

$545 CAD

$805 CAD

100lb Gloss Text - One Side (4/0) Poster - 26"x39" $150 CAD $905 CAD $995 CAD


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