Thanks for being part of The Logic Box Tribe! We are thrilled to have you as a user and a business partner.

The Logic Box Content Management System aka "TLBcms" is a robust and easy to use content management system for businesses, companies and individuals that require a single platform capable of sophisticated automation and streamlined set of tools aimed to increase efficiency.

If you are a new or existing user, this section will showcase tutorials of managing and creating content with The Logic Box Platform. Once you receive logins to your website's TLBcms content management system you may follow along the training to get quainted with its features. This training will focus on content and commerce scenarios within The Logic Box Content Management System that may be applied to your website or business strategy. 

Once you complete this training you will have fundemental knowledge of how robust The Logic Box CMS platform, what can be accomplished with it and how it can help you service your customers, drive traffic, sell products or connect with your audience. Contact us at anytime if you have questions or wish to get started.

Updated November 2018.

We are constantly adding and upgrading features and content management tools to TLBcms. The tutorials below may not reflect the latest changes to our platform and your website CMS or public sections may look slightly different or missing certain feature sets. TLBcloud Hosting accounts with TLBcms are upgraded to latest version of features within 45 days of release. TLBcms Activation Licenses not operating on TLBcloud Hosting environment must be subscribed to our Upgrade and Maintance Plan to receive latest upgrades, fixes and patches.


Real-time setup

The Logic Box content management system license is easy to configure and maintain on your own hosting environment or within TLBcloud Hosting solutions. In most cases our TLBcms can be launched within 48 hours ensuring you can start immediately.

Newsletter Subscribers

Communicate and manage users with our Subscriber contact management feature. Capture leads across Pages, Blog Posts, Store sections in real time with subscriber self-managed Newsletter Preference module that includes Unsubscribe. Create and import existing contact lists into our system and easily integrate them within Newsletter Campaigns. Creating sales funnels was never this easy.

Live Chat

Don't loose potential customers by not providing them with instant answers and real time messaging. Embed Live Chat of your choice across your website within your website's administrative settings. 

Video Blog Posts

This feature is perfect for persons or businesses that wish to turn their Youtube videos into blog posts and provide additional information to their visitors. With a single click interface turn any youtube video url into a fully functional blog post on your website. 

Navigation Menus

With the Menu Builder easily build your navigation menus and dropdowns. You can create / edit / delete menu items from any menu and link to internal web-pages or external destination paths. Drag and drop the menu items below to re-arrange them. You may stylize your navigation bar to include a social bar linking to your social channels and choose from any color combination to fit your brand.

Web Pages: Pages Overview and Manager

Create and optimize unlimited number of pages to increase website ranking of your website with no programming. If you know how to use microsoft word, then you'll feel right at home. Choose from Full Screen, Banner, No Image, Video Background page options. Create clean No Scroll pages, mark your pages Paid and accessible only to registered members. Optimize your custom meta tags, embed videos, custom graphics and so much more. It is recommended to write as many corporate pages as possible with proper keywords and phrases aimed at demographics you are trying to attract. 

Newsletters: Creating Them, Creating Email Queues and Adding Users

Communicate with your members and subscribers with Newsletter Campaigns. Create Private or Public Campaigns and group users together to automatically deliver relevant content just for them.