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We get it, you have a company to run, your website is only a tool and your employees are not engineers nor want to worry about its maintenace. This is why in addition to a superior customer service, and a website that you can update yourself, you'll have the option to add-on a maintenace package you feel comfortable with. We'll ensure your website server and your backup solution is optimum and maintain your website by creating or optimizing your pages as you create them.SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT TODAY

To rank higher on Google, you must add new pages, tags, articles and images to your site often.

All of The Logic Box websites and platforms are built with a propriatory content management system TLBcloud that allows anyone on your team to create and modify pages on your site without any technical experience. If you're short on time or just don't have time to watch our video training, we have a team to assist you at all times. We're ready to discuss any changes to your website and implement new features in a flash.


A website that isn't backed daily is a ticking bomb.

Most companies don't realize a website is just a bunch of files sitting on a hard drive somewhere gathering information. In most cases the agency you hire to create your website or software app does not take care of the backups, they merely install the files on a server and off it runs. Your website data is in risk of corruption and hacks every second it's on the web. Don't be a victim and invest in a proper backup solution and monitoring service. If you don't have the personell, The Logic Box can help you choose and maintain your website and recommend the proper backup system. 

Websites do not automatically back up, you must installed proper software and monitor it to ensure you don't lose customer information, emails and the website content you spent months creating.

Ready to create a new website or have an existing one updated? Put your best foot forward and start an ongoing conversation online with your customers today.