Our Top Questions
What types of clients do you work with?

What types of clients do you work with?

Can you create a Video Promo?

Can you create a Video Promo?

Why you shouldn't hire us?

Why you shouldn't hire us?

What is SEO ?

What's your cheapest website price?

Is all SEO the same?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our products and services? Find the answers below.
General Questions
What is SEO ?
SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization. When a user enters a search phrase or keyword on any popular search engine, the search engine will show 10 page results based on the string entered it feels is the most targeted to user's needs. There are many algorithm's in place that take into account website code, content and phrases that decide which websites get ranked higher than others. In the end original content is king and this is why The Logic Box always recommends an optimized and consistently new blog posts for any website to increase rankings of any website without paying high prices for paid advertising which only works temporarily.
What types of clients do you work with?
The Logic Box works with large brands, digital startups and entrepreneurs. We understand lead generation and digital sales funnels. The primary purpose of any deliverable is to attract new leads and customers, it doesn't matter whether it is an online or magazine advert, a landing page with a sleek video or a website. The Logic Box identifies the target audience and best media for your purpose.
I have an idea, will you sign a Non Disclosure Agreement?
Yes, The Logic Box protects the privacy and intellectual property of its clients. We will sign a non disclosure agreement if one is required. Please note, in most cases code concepts are not propriatory, the underlying code is.
My website isn’t mobile responsive!
Yikes! That’s not good. Over < a href="https://www.smartinsights.com/mobile-marketing/mobile-marketing-analytics/mobile-marketing-statistics/" target="_blank">51% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices. Sometimes it's more cost effective to develop a new website, however not every time. The Logic Box will review your website and suggest the best path forward based on your requirements and goals. All of the websites TLB develops are fully mobile responsive and adapt for the iPhone, the iPad and all other Mobile Devices.
We need to increase sales
Monetization and E-Commerce - now you’re speaking our language. We love hearing about how our websites increase revenue and sales for our clients. Check out our design process to learn more about how we use the psychology of influence when designing our websites. Contact us today for a free phone consultation.
Can you create Facebook Ads?
Yes we do, If you haven't browsed through our Design and Advertising sections, please do to get an idea of our work. The Logic Box can create and print advertising and marketing materials for any media and in any size, print, online or video broadcast. This includes Facebook Ads, Brochures, Youtube promos, video commercials, tradeshow booth and outdoor signage, print and magazine advertisements and more. Whether it's digital or traditional print media, our portfolio speaks for itself.
Can you create Magazine Ads?
Yes we do, If you haven't browsed through our Design and Advertising sections, please do to get an idea of our work. The Logic Box can create and print advertising and marketing materials for any media and in any size, print, online or video broadcast. This includes Facebook Ads, Brochures, Youtube promos, video commercials, tradeshow booth and outdoor signage, print and magazine advertisements and more. Whether it's digital or traditional print media, our portfolio speaks for itself.
Why you shouldn't hire us?
There are many reasons why you should hire us to help grow your business and convert more leads. But if you’re looking for an order taker, sorry, we’re not here to just take design orders, we're here to work with you. We come to the table with a wealth of experience and have a lot to offer both creatively and from a marketing perspective. We work with the best and deliver the best work when it is a true collaboration with the client.
What's your cheapest website price?
If your primary concern is to spend as little as possible on your website or creative concept, whether it be a website, branding or graphic design, then The Logic Box is probably not the right fit. We're experts and create tools that monetize your services and increase your conversions. We prefer to work with like-minded clients who seek results and are willing to invest in their companies. You get as much out of business and the investment as you put in. We will happily recommend you to other agencies that may be more suited for your budgetary needs.
Help me be a Youtuber!
Yes and No :) The Logic Box team has plenty of experience creating and editing content for Youtuber and Youtubers. Our edited videos have been viewed over 70 million times and we provide editing services for Business Entertainment Show and Unboxing Army channels. In addition we do consult youtuber and vloggers on a one-on-one basis and help set up their channels and personal branded websites. If you want an all in one youtuber package and learn what it takes and if you have what it takes to launch a Youtube career, contact us today.
Do you create Apps?
Yes, we specialize in designing and developing Mobile Responsive Design websites, optimized to adapt for the iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices. In addition we can create native iOS or Android applications depending on your requirements.
A long term partnership
We love our customers and have enjoyed long term relationships with clients from as far back as when we started business. If you’re looking for a long term partnership with a firm that can take ownership of your website needs, The Logic Box is your team.
What industries are you familiar with?
The Logic Box spreads its wings and learns from various markets. We have worked with every industry – auto services, loan & finance, law, real estate, healthcare, Food & Beverage, travel & hospitality, education, entrepreneurs, marketers, accountants, health and fitness, nonprofits, environmental services, consulting and training, eCommerce, TV Shows, youtubers and everything in between.
How long have you been in business?
The Logic Box Digital Marketing Agency was originally co-founded by Investor Gianfranco Simone and Brand Marketing Expert & Tech Entrepreneur Marcin Migdal in 2011. It opened it's headquaters in Miami Florida, then later in Toronto Ontario.
How does TLB communicate with clients?
In addition to phone and email, once the projects gets going, we communicate with you using a project management tool called FreedCamp. Freedcamp ensures tasks are created and you see all the progress and revisions as The Logic Box creates them, it is also used to sign off phases so nothing falls through the cracks.
How involved will I be in the development process?
As The Logic Box team creates concepts and shares them using the Freedcamp management tool, you will have the option of chiming in at any point of the process. While we will have project managers and creative directors ensuring professional deliverable, we are here for you the client and appreciate your feedback as we move forward on your project.
I want a website for under $500
We caution you when working with companies that offer low rates. If you're paying $500 for a website it will most likely be a $50 website they bought online and will throw on your server leaving you with buggy code and no maintenance or backups of your data. It is likely that the website won't be mobile friendly or run slow which will lose you clients or sales. In addition customization of website graphics will not be included or worst you'll have illegally copyrighted images that will risk your website of being shut down. Ensure you are trained on the operation of your website when handing of the project. The Logic Box is transparent in our costs and will cater to your budget. That being said, your website represents you and your business, ensure you have the right team handling your life's work.
Do I own the website after it's built?
Yes. Your website is 100% yours and you will have access to all the information. Depending on the type of website built or purchased there may be third party tools whose licenses you will be required to retain should you wish to have specific licenses. You will have the option of choosing these during the development cycle should they be required. You may switch servers at any time, you will pay for costs associated with migration and transfer of files and database.
Can you help me write Articles to increase my SEO?
Yes. We have professional copy writers to assist you with all your writing needs. These services are not included in the website development process but are there when needed.
Can you help me get Photos for my site or ads?
Yes. We offer stock photography through http://www.bigstockphoto.com/ and www.istock.com to all our clients. In addition we can suggest other websites with freely available photos you may use in your projects should you be budget conscious. Please note, in all cases, printed media will require photos to be licensed. Custom graphics and photo manipulation is available depending on budget and time for the project. Take a look at our portfolio section to see various examples of our works.
Search Engine (SEO)
What are keywords?
Keywords are the words and phrases you add to your website's content pages to help search engines identify your content for recommendation to others browsing for that content. Search engines are very smart so properly written articles with search engine optimized keywords are an art form and we at The Logic Box can definitely help you deliver consistent content to your audience which will organically rank your website or blog higher without paying expensive advertising rates.
What SEO keywords do I choose?
You should use the help of an SEO professional to determine your keywords. The Logic Box will analyze your business, product or service and identify your optimum target audience and geographic areas before choosing the right keywords to focus on. Once we determine the who, we analyze your competitor keywords and phrases and suggest variously priced strategies that will increase your ranking.
What is Link Building?
Growing the link profile of any website page and ensuring it's referenced on other websites is required for high search ranking and traffic success. Search engines use complex algorithms to perform nuanced evaluations of sites and pages and deliver them to users based on popularity and importance. The Logic Box focuses on creating quality links to your website links through affiliate partnerships. TLB link building strategies adhere to search engine specifications as set by the top search engines, including Google's Penguin updates. Search engine algorithm's change often and TLB only creates white-hat techniques that will give you high-quality inbound links without penalties.
Does my business or compoany need SEO?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is as important as the electricity to keep your business on. With new websites and competitors coming on daily trying to get a piece of the online pie, it's important you stand apart from these small websites and dominate. Search Engine Optimization coupled with search engine marketing and content development is a formula for success, a formula that will help keep your target audience coming to your website and trust your products over those of the competitor.
Is all SEO the same?
No, there is strong high quality relevant SEO and weak SEO. Weak SEO is delivered by non reputable company and may provide immediate short bursts of SEO at a premium cost, but fades away extremely fast. Quality SEO requires research, analysis and time to organically embed itself on the web for the long run.
How long before I see SEO results?
Most companies think they'll get results immediately with zero budget. This is not so, for new websites or landing pages it may take 3 months to a year to see results of SEO. The Logic Box defines 'results' as movements. If your page rank goes from 100 to 80 in one month, this is a 20% improvement. To get on the first page of Google, realistically will take months will optimized content placed strategically around the web, with plenty of backlinks leading users back to your website. You may speed this process up by investing in Paid Per Click or search engine advertising methods such as Adwords. When it comes to advertising, organic high qualit SEO will always triumph in the long run.
What is SERP and PageRank?
SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page, it is the page displayed by a web search engine in response to a query by a user searching phrases or keywords. PageRank is a link analysis algorithm used by Google to help determine the relative importance of a website. Every website is given a Google PageRank score between 0 and 10 on an exponential scale.
How do I rank #1 on Google?
The amount of quality search engine optimized content on your website along with website design and functionality AND lots of backlinks AND your use of social media AND use of video marketing all has a bearing on you ranking within the first page of any search engine. The Logic Box will create an optimum plan for your keywords and create content to be used in growing your brand and social media presence to create leads and sales of your products.
What's the difference between organic versus paid results?
Organic refers to results displayed without paying for displaying results leading back to your pages. Paid results refer to paying advertisers for the privilege of appearing higher in the search results. While this will give you immediate results, it can very extremely costly and should be used with caution under a professional direction and budget.
Social Media
What is a landing page?
A landing page is web page used to capture visitor information into a database so you can contact them later. The visitor may be a potential product or service buyer.
What is PPC?
Pay Per Click is bidding on the advertising sections of a search results page that are usually on top or side of the page.
Do I need SEM (Social Media Marketing)?
Yes. Social Media is an integral part of connecting with your customers and staying relevant. It is the right hand of brand development and can be automated using simple tools such as Hootsuite or IFTTT. Social Media allows you to get instant feedback and create instant conversion tunnels as well as build quality backlinks to your site and increase the ranking of your website on search engines.
What Social Media platforms do you manage?
There are many, but we suggest you stick to Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+. If you are more product, eCommerce focused Pinterest, Yelp, Avvo are great as well. Give us a call or send an email and let's discuss your needs today.
Can you create my Social Media Profiles?
Yes. We will review and update all your social media profiles if you opt for our Social media package. We highly recommend you learn at least the fundamentals of social media marketing through our blog posts and tutorials as SEM can be very costly due to its lengthy process. Once you learn how social media works and use an automation social media platform such as Hootsuite, you can enjoy growth of your brand without paying The Logic Box or any other agency. What's important is the content creation for your social media and that is something we would prefer to work on as it's what will convert leads.
What Social Media should i invest time on?
Every product, service and company is different. If you sell products and run an eCommerce platform you may wish to focus on Business 2 Customer Social Platforms (B2C) such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. If you're an accountant or lawyer we recommend growing your brand and sharing your tax tips using a blog and sharing them on Twitter and LinkedIn. The Logic Box will help you research your competitors and target audience so whichever platform we create your content for will reach your objectives.
TLBcms - Content Management System
TLBcms - Can you pay monthly or annually?

Yes you may pay monthly or annually. As with most things in life, the more you get the lower the cost. Monthly activation license is 10% on top of the annual billing prices and requires that you set you a credit card for automated monthly billing. 

What is my support and assistance?

Your sucess is paramount, this is why we are available to you for any questions you may have and will provide you with training repository composed of ongoing scenarios and training videos. You will have access to our team via email support from 7am EDT to 7pm EDT. Additional support packages includes Live Chat which includes faster response time, phone support will be provided for custom website solutions or specific features developed.

Can I install the CMS on my hosting server or space?

We provide TLBcloud Hosting teamed with Ionis hosting to provide you with server solutions in Canada or USA depending on the location of your business. If you have your own server environment, we can configure the TLBcms and website on it, please note additional fees may apply. 

Do you upgrade the software?

Yes, we are constantly adding and upgrading features and content management tools to TLBcms. TLBcloud Hosting accounts with TLBcms are upgraded to latest version of features within 45 days of release at no charge as they are under our direct control. TLBcms Activation Licenses not operating on TLBcloud Hosting environment must be subscribed to our Upgrade and Maintance Plan to receive latest upgrades, fixes and patches. We recommend your hosting administrator gets in touch so we can discuss specific requirements and permissions.

How does TLBcloud website Hosting work?

We understand you may already be up and running on another server enirely, this is why we provide you with an option to subscribe to our TLBcms Activation License only or TLBcloud Hosting package that includes TLBcms Activation License. TLBcms can be hosted on any server environment that support PHP, including cloud providers such as a Google, Amazon.

What if I need a Custom feature in my TLBcms?

The default set of features included in with TLBcms is robust and sophisticated. Since we haven't thought of everything, if you have a specific requirement that our software does not have, we will sit down with you and propose a feature development quote for youu. TLBcms operates as a software application, any and all software upgrades or feature sets developed will remain intellectual property of The Logic Box. Any TLBcms custom developed feature will will receive 30% hourly discount from our standard development costs.

What's included in the TLBcloud Hosting platform?

All TLBcloud Hosting platforms include server hosting space to run your required website and TLBcms Activation License.  We offer flexible pricing depending on the types of features you need. Each TLBcms by default comes with front and admin section of the website to get your up and running immediately. Components include content manangement: Pages, Blog Posts, Basic Analytic Tracking, AdSense integration, LiveChat integration, Newsletter Manager, Lead Capture Forms, Automated Email Delivery, automated video importing tools, Internal Advertising, Mailbox and Email Server. Additional features you may select include Ecommerce Store, Events Calendar, multiple languages which are at additional price.

Video Production
Who chooses the music or sound effects for my video?
We have an extensive library of music which we can suggest to you, all of which will be available for play and monetization should you choose to monetize it. It's also important you don't select copyrighted music and get in trouble.
Can I post the video on my website or channel?
The video is yours to do with as you please. We highly recommend you share it on as many social media channels as you can and ensure to optimize it properly.
Do you write the script for the video?
Upon starting the video, you will be presented with a questionnaire, which will aid us in writing the script for you and help our videographer capture the best footage for the video style you select. If you feel you our script isn't properly conveying your business vision, service or product, feel free to make modification and we will work with you to capture this vision. Please keep your mind open, as we wouldn't want you to deliver a product you cannot share with your audience.
Can you create Video Commercials?
Yes we do, If you haven't browsed through our Video production and Advertising sections, please do to get an idea of our work. The Logic Box can film, write the script, provide talent for any video production. Whether it's a company commercial or a company logo opener or promo. In addition we also provide print advertising and marketing materials for any media and in any size. This includes Facebook Ads, Brochures, Youtube promos, video commercials, tradeshow booth and outdoor signage, print and magazine advertisements and more. Whether it's digital or traditional print media, our portfolio speaks for itself.
Can you create a Video Promo?
Yes we do, If you haven't browsed through our Video production and Advertising sections, please do to get an idea of our work. The Logic Box can film, write the script, provide talent for any video production. Whether it's a company commercial or a company logo opener or promo. In addition we also provide print advertising and marketing materials for any media and in any size. This includes Facebook Ads, Brochures, Youtube promos, video commercials, tradeshow booth and outdoor signage, print and magazine advertisements and more. Whether it's digital or traditional print media, our portfolio speaks for itself.
Website Dev & Design
I already have a website. Are there what other services do you provide?
The Logic Box doesn't only create website and mobile sites or apps. We consult with you to take a look at your overall business and how it's performing. If you're looking for an agency, you believe there is a chunk of the market you're missing out on, TLB will help get you as much of that missing market as possible through website, advertising, marketing or search engine optimization.
Can i update my own website?
Does your current website drive you crazy? Is it hard to edit and update? The Logic Box can help. Our propitiatory Content Management System and frameworks are built on open-ended architecture. Unlike security and third party riddled Wordpress or Jumla type websites our websites are built specific to your requirements. The Logic Box specializes in designing and developing custom management platforms and makes it super easy to update and edit without having to know code. In addition all of our web tools have video tutorials
I need a Blog / Video Blogging website
The Logic Box platform provides fast launches of our website, typically a video type blog website is developed and launched in 7 business days on our servers. Your servers may require additional time for configuration. Our sites are not wordpress and are built to ensure they focus on growing your business and personal brand, not installing third party widgets and plugins. All of our websites have a plethora of full screen video, Youtube / Vimeo hosting and video importing features that will make your brand development quick and easy. If you have an idea for a feature we do not have and it makes sense, we will consider developing it for the platform at nominal or no cost to you the client depending on the complexity and how it fits with our brand vision.
My website looks dated and old, can you just put on a facelist?
If your site is more than 5 years old then it probably looks old. What's worst it may not work on the latest mobile devices which is where 84% of traffic is coming from these days. That’s okay, The Logic Box can definitely help with that. We use the most modern website design best practices to ensure your site will be up to date with the latest and greatest in design trends. Just give us a shout.
I want a Wordpress / Jumla / Drupal Site
If strongly desire a Wordpress website, we will happily build you one or a Joomla or Drupal website. We however will not provide maintenance on these types of websites or host them due to lack of security and vulnerability of third party plugins. Our TLB CMS is much more powerful and efficient in providing you the features you need for any service or product you may want to sell, including vlogging and blogging. Get in contact and let's discuss your individual needs to see what exactly you need.
I can’t update my website without paying a developer
That's never fun. The Logic Box can update your website, however it may actually cost more to do it. We develop sites that are super easy to update and edit on your own without having to know any code. Plus we’ll provide you with detailed video tutorials on how to update and edit the site on your own. Of course if you don't want to, we have maintenance plans as well so it's all turn key and you're left to focus on your business and leave all the technical web stuff to us.
I want a Blog website
Most of our sites come with a custom blog page. With that being said, if you’re a solo blogger who is long on blog posts but short on budget, a fully custom website may not be the fit for your needs. However our TLB CMS Blogging platform is exactly what you need and you can be up and running in 7 days. Contact us right now for a no obligation phone consultation.
What if I need help after you build my website?
We offer full training once sites are built. Additionally, we offer support, backup and maintenance packages for those who would like to have us keep the site up-to-date or even content driven. Contact The Logic Box and let's discuss your needs today.
How much is server hosting?
We are flexible when it comes to setting up the infrastructure of your website. If you have existing servers, we will take a look at the specifications to see whether it's got enough to handle your app or website. If it doesn't we'll suggest various options that will work as your business grows. We also provide hosting for smaller blog, vlog or corporate websites with our complete packages.
How many website changes can i make without paying extra?
Each project will have an allotted number of hours to be spent on it. This various based on number of pages, complexity of graphics to be created, amount of content provided versus content needed to be written. In your project hours are used due to indecisiveness or rolling back to previous ideas on part of the client, additional billable hours will become necessary. If the project surpasses the timeline due to technical difficulties or unforeseen challenges, no additional charges will apply.
Can't find the answers you need?
Ask your question below and our support staff will get back to you shortly.