Over the last ten years, The Logic Box (TLB) had the pleasure of working with a wide range of global clients featured below. Working with large brands has given us a better understanging of what works and what doesn't. With deeper understanding come better solutions. We have serviced client’s marketing departments directly and teamed up with their marketing agencies. Take a look at our work and when ready, give us a call.

If you’re revamping your brand or launching it from ground zero, TLB will take you to the next level.


Don't overpay for latest technology and marketing.

There are many agencies who charge astronomical prices based on their credentials. At The Logic Box we have the credentials and provide award winning creative and the latest web & mobile technology solutions at a fraction of the price. Why? We don't charge for "experience", only time to involved to execute.


If you are an agency or marketing consultant working for a third party client and need services such as UI/UX Design, Graphic Design or Web Development, we provide the specific solution for your business, contact us here or give us a call today.SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT TODAY