Advertising Goals Questionnaire

If you sell street lemonade, monetize a Youtube channel or run a multi-million dollar business, ongoing marketing efforts are crucial in the growth of any business and development of a loyal customer base. Whilst every advertisement has its objectives, they're purpose is to infom, persuade or remind customers of your offerings.

What are your digital marketing or advertising goals? They key to successful advertising is to determine where to put your marketing budget. Do you need immediate attention to: sell a product, attract leads, build brand awareness, replace lost customers, introduce a service or to drive more eyeballs to a particular web page. Each goal has its own set of initiatives and requires a different sales tunnel. The Logic Box advertising goals questionnaire will define the path your marking spending must take, not should take.

Paid campaigns work best when foundational elements are there to support them; landing pages built for conversion, easy to navigate website or mobile experience, consumer delivery mechanics, automation tools. The Logic Box understands different businesses have different goals and deciding how to best spend your marketing budget is always a challange. 

SEO, SEM, PPC, CTR... don't be put away or  impressed by the lingo. Let market research determine campaigns and media used to achieve the greatest impact. Making a lasting impression on your consumers will create loyal customer.

how to make an impression

Before you commit to a $5000+ monthly PPC budget with yet another digital marketing agency, take a minute to answer the questions below. The answers will clarify your own needs and help our team create an engaging marketing proposal with campaigns that will yield returns and results you are looking for.  The Logic Box questionnaire will put everything into perspective and shape a clear vision of your marketing spending.


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