At the Logic Box, we encourage everyone who runs a business to be informed and call or email us with any questions you may have. We understand you may just be feeling the waters and price matching and this is why we created this faq.

You may be a new business owner, or stuck in a contract overpaying web maintenance or seo maintenance for inferior results. If the agency you're working with is not suggesting strategies and best practices on engaging your visitors, we urge you to inform yourself. Here you'll find answers to some of the commonly asked questions our clients have about us. We're certain this will help you choose The Logic Box for your next web and creative project. 

Question: Who are you?

Question: What are you looking for?

Question: When do you need it by?

Question: I have a website but...

Question: Why do you need a new site now?

Question: What we specialize in?

Question: Why you shouldn't hire us


Who are you?

I am a Business Owner

The Logic Box loves entrepreneurs and small business owners. We understand that the primary purpose of a website is not to look good but to attract new leads and customers.

In Charge of Marketing

We love marketing! Seriously. Our sites are not designed to be just another pretty face but to deliver new leads and customers to our clients. Check out our Design Approach to learn more.

Website Administrator

Does your current site drive you crazy? Is it hard to edit and update? We can help. We specialize in designing and developing custom management systems (CMS) built into our websites. These make it super easy to update and edit on your own without having to know code.

What are you looking for?

A new website

Need a new website? Great, we can help with that. We can help clarify and realize your vision for your new website. Learn more here.

Redesign an existing website

Do you have a current website that needs to be updated? That’s great because we specialize in website redesign. We won't talk you into a redesign if you don't one, but we will recommend ways of increase the engagement of your viewers through methods or features you may not yet have implements. Please check here to learn more about our redesign services. 

Mobile responsive website

Over 78% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices and that number is only growing. All of the sites we design and develop are fully mobile responsive and are designed to adapt for the iPhone, iPad and other Mobile Devices.

A beautiful design

We pride ourselves in designing beautiful and interesting websites. Check out our portfolio to view our work and judge for yourself.

Someone I can trust

Take a look at our testimonial section and what they say about our team and our service. We've been in business since 2006 and handled hundreds of satisfied clients. Our reputation is our most valuable asset. We believe trust is something you must earn. Give us a try and we promise not to let you down.

A long term partnership

We love our customers and have enjoyed long term relationships with clients from as far back as when we started business. If you’re looking for a long term partnership with a firm that can take ownership of your website needs, we are your team.

A blog website

Most of our sites come with a custom blog page. With that being said, if you’re a solo blogger who is long on blog posts but short on budget, a fully custom website may not be the fit for your needs. However our TLBpages Blogging platform is exactly what you need and you can be up and running in 7 days. 

I need a site just like Yelp and Facebook but I need you to sign an NDA before I can tell you more

Sounds like what you need is a ‘Web Application’ not a website. A website is mostly about design and static content. Websites such as Facebook and Yelp are really pieces of software that look like websites. These types of sites are typically far more costly than a regular websites, but you're in luck because we've built many high profile web applications driven by communities and APIs. We will need a far more in depth consulation to determine exactly what you need, and make sure you have a decent budget in place. 

When do you need it by?

No idea

That’s okay. We can help clarify the scope of the project, along with your goals to give you a realistic timeline for the project

1-3 months

Great! That’s a pretty reasonable time frame. We’re happy to work with you with that timeline.


Whoa! Hold it there partner. Our experience has been that if you’re in too much of a rush you run the risk of doing more harm than good. Our minimum time for turning around projects is 2 weeks, with most projects taking 1-2 months. Let's go over your requirements first, typically we found clients are ambitious with what they want which is mostly not what they need.

I have a website but...

I hate my website! It’s ugly

That’s okay. In fact that’s great, because we can definitely help with that. If you hate your existing site or it's not working on mobile devices we'll take a look and suggest the best course of action, learn more here

I can’t update my website without paying a developer

That's never fun. We can update your website, however it may actually cost more to do it. We develop sites that are super easy to update and edit on your own without having to know any code. Plus we’ll provide you with detailed video tutorials on how to update and edit the site on your own. Of course if you don't want to, we have maintenace plans as well. 

My website looks dated and old

If your site is over 5 years old then it probably looks old. What's worst it may not work on the latest devices. That’s okay, we can definitely help with that. We use the most modern website design best practices to ensure your site will be up to date with the latest and greatest in design trends. Learn more here.

My website isn’t mobile responsive

Yikes! That’s not good. Over 20% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices. All the sites we develop are fully mobile responsive and adapt for the iPhone, the iPad and all other Mobile Devices.

No one comes to my website ;-(

We also help with your on page Search Engine Optimization (Google). We will identify the major keywords you want to rank for and make sure your site is structured and tagged to rank for those keywords. And we know a thing or two about SEO. Be prepared for a 3 - 6 month commitment, as this is a process. Learn more here.

Why do you need a new website now?

My competitor launched a new site and we can’t be left behind

We get it. Business is a competitive game. You think your competitor’s new site looks good? Just wait till you see what we can do for you.

I hate our current site and can’t look at it for another day!

We get it. A lot of our clients absolutely hated their previous site and couldn’t stand looking at it. Now they LOVE their website. Contact us now to get started on a new design.

We’re launching a new business and need a new site

That’s a great reason to have a new website. Having a great looking website goes a long way towards projecting an image of professionalism to prospective clients.

We need to increase sales

Monetization and E-Commerce - now you’re speaking our language. We love hearing about how our websites increase revenue and sales for our clients. Check out our design process to learn more about how we use the psychology of influence when designing our websites.

We rebranded and need our website to match

Excellent, branding is something we do extremely well. We'll take your new creative and match your website and features to match your new business objectives.

What we specialize in?

Graphic Design & Digital Publishing

If you haven't browsed through our Design and Advertising sections, do it now so you can get a feel of why hundreds of clients and Fortune 500 companies chose us to deliver their advertisements, branding packages, stationary and brochures. Whether it's digital or traditional print media, our portfolio speaks for itself.

Completely Custom Websites and Applications

If you're a bank, require real-time currency conversion systems, a startup requring custom built or implemented APIs, a community requiring sophisticated data populating and self automating websites all while maintainining simplicity in UI/UX and award winning design then The Logic Box is what you need.

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla websites

If you're on a low budget and strongly desire one, we will build you an amazing custom Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal website. The maintenace however will be left up to you after training is complete. We don't recommend these due to their security vulnerability and ongoign maintenance of third party plugins, but we have been many many of these and we'll happily build yours. 

Mobile Responsive Design

We specialize in designing and developing Mobile Responsive Design websites, optimized to adapt for the iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices.

On Page Search Engine Optimization

We provide on page Search Engine Optimization for the sites we develop. We research the most relevant keywords and tag and structure the site to rank for those keywords. We also practice what we preach. If you Google ‘San Francisco Web Design’ or ‘Hire a Web Designer’ we’re the #1 result.

Small and medium sized businesses in the Service Industry

We specialize in designing and developing custom websites for small and medium sized businesses, typically in the service industry.

In Charge of Marketing

We love marketing! Seriously. Our sites are not designed to be just another pretty face but to deliver new leads and customers to our clients. Check out our Design Approach to learn more.

Why you shouldn't hire us

You’re looking for an order taker

Sorry, we’re not here to just take design orders, we're here to work with you. We come to the table with a wealth of experience and have a lot to offer both creatively and from a marketing perspective. We work with the best and deliver the best work when it is a true collaboration with the client.

You’re looking for a cheap site

If your primary concern is to spend as little as possible on your website, branding or graphic design, then we’re probably not the right fit. We work with big brands and business owners who know their time is valuable and they have a need to automate their websites and increase their bottom line with proven marketing methods and online tools. Remember, you get as much out of business and your investment as you put in. 

Our TLBpages CMS websites (which runs this website) do everything and more if configured correctly. Unlike wordpress, there are no third party plugins and widgets that can screw your websites up. Our packages begin as little as $50 per month with a $500 configuration fee. You can install a Wix website, a blogger website or many other cookie cutter websites. If however you wish to run a business and need a website that will help you monetize your brand and your products, get in touch with The Logic Box.

Treat your business like a hobby and it will pay you like a hobby. Treat it like a business and you'll get paid like a business.