Your Business. Your Vision.

You know your business inside out! The Logic Box is here to turn your vision into reality and deliver ROI!

To do this, we must understand the purpose of the project and your business goals. What problem does your project solve?, why you are creating it? and what functions does the project require to perform or support its goals. Without this knowledge, the launch will only deliver generic results.

The Purpose of Discovery Session

The purpose of the discovery session is to determine the overall goal, scope and final development and design costs of the project. You should only move forward with this process after your complimentary one hour consultation with one of our reps. If you have not done one yet, click here to book your call

We will use discovery time to ask questions such as: what are the goals, how you operate, who are the competitors, what automation features will be implemented, what monetization structures will be created, what is the overall strategy once the project is launched. The answers to these questions will arm everyone with the knowledge to deliver a bespoke website or application with content and design that will deliver measurable results.


Attendees and Length of Sessions

The Discovery session may occur in person or via Zoom remote video conference. Typically attendees are the ultimate decision makers on the project and stakeholders. In most cases these include: The Client, Client's Project Manager or Team Lead, The Logic Box's Creative Director, Chief Engineer and Project Team Lead. By getting several voices in the room, the objectives and conflicts will be identified quickly and the smoother the project will run.

A good discovery session will last a full morning or afternoon. We recommend scheduling 4 hours sessions every 4 days. Every minute will be time well spent, so put your thinking caps on. Sessions are recorded and used as reference in the latter part of the day to map out workflows diagrams, processes and create wireframes by The Logic Box Team in preparation for next session. 


Setting Expectations

We prefer to set expectations and requirements for our discoveries, but we realize this may be your first time involved in a project like this and you may not have all your information readily available. Here are a few items to think about and prepare before your discovery meeting so we can get the most out of it. 

Branding guidelines - To support your design, look and feel.

Full product and services list - If your current website is out of date, ensure you can articulate anything that may be missing. 

Marketing resources list - Examples of scanned brochures, newsletters, webinars to tell us what you like, dislike and prefer.

Competitor list - Who are your local / national competitors - research into the market.

References & Examples - URLs / screenshot of websites, specific features, ideas, videos, design collateral you liked.


Agenda Template

1. Interview Element

The client will lead the answers to our questions, however we encourage group discussions to find interesting and useful information for your project. Here is the agenda we use to run a discovery session on a typical website or application project.

  • Identify Business Vitals ( Where does your business stand within the competitor landscape )
  • Offerings of Products/Services
  • Identify Target Audiences
  • What do Marketing / Communications look like
  • Device Deliverables: Mobile, Desktop, Tablets
  • Technology, Infrastructure, Scalability
  • Website Look and Feel
  • Direction on Content & SEO
  • Social Media Strategy

2. Mapping the buying cycle for products and services

You have a service or a product you want your customer to purchase, we will walk us through the customer lifecycle from awareness through to retention and identify opportunities for faster acquisition.

3. Audience Profiling & User Stories

We will create user stories to understand the motivations of your target audience, their needs & goals and behaviours. A user story helps us figure out how a feature will work without knowing exactly its details until we start writing it.  A user story looks like this: As a…I want to…So that…  then we fill in the details according to your audience and your product. Each user story is specific to a different page or interaction with the website or application and will help your answer specific user needs.


The Follow Up

After the session the TLB Team will need time to digest what we've learnt and create proper documentations, diagrams as well as a strategy document to present for the followup session. This process follows the meeting and will take the remainder of the day. If there is enough data gathered within the single session, we will present a strategy document with costs. Typically there are 3 to 5 discovery sessions on websites or applications requiring user registrations, commerce features, api integrations, third party integrations. Marketing Campaigns, Static or Single page websites typically require a single session.

It is possible TLB will require addiitional time to create documentation for a single session depending on the complexity and amount of data gathered, should this be the case, this will be outlined within an hour of the session completion. 

Ready to Get Started

Once you've completed your complimentary consultation and you are ready to get started with the discovery process. The Logic Box requires a $1200 retainer deposit to move forward. The retainer is based on a full day of discovery - Eight (8) hours at $150 CAD per hour + HST. Note, you are under no obligation to move forward with the project upon the completion of the first day of discovery. You will be provided with an outline and work flows based on our gatherings from the session(s) should you wish to delay the development. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any additional questions.