Rapid Deployment To Get You Going.

The Logic Box offers flexible TLBcloud websites and content management solutions that will match your needs. We build Social Community Websites, ECommerce Platforms, Real Estate Websites, Financial Technology Lending Platforms, Online Schools, Blogger websites and Interactive Catalogs.

Put Your Energy Into Your Business

Focus on your business growth, not servers, micro managing designs or technical solutions, that's our business. You are the decision maker, we are the executor of your vision. Let's automate your processes and make your website work for you. Before selecting a plan we encourage you to contact us so we can suggest the best plan and features to have you succeed. 

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Whatever You Need.


The Logic Box provides an assortment of custom development solutions, however your budget doesn't always align with your wants. That's why we offer low monthly packages of TLBcloud based on your specific requirements and features for companies, individuals and startups needing a platform that will grow with them over time.